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Why do some people say that Knicks made the wrong move letting Chris Copeland walk?

The Knicks played it safe rather than make a spur of the moment decision to outright resign Copeland. They let him test his value on the market to see whether they can retain him as opposed to retaining him right off the bat and end up overpaying anyways. Indiana signed Copeland to a 2yr/$6M contract and being that $1.6M of the team's $3.4M MLE went towards retaining Prigioni only $1.8M of it remains so it wouldn't of been enough for NY to use in retaining Cope anyways. It would of been enough to match Indiana's offer but as a RFA NY needed to outmatch the offer.

NY made the right move though. Copeland is an extremely talented offensive player that could do so much on offense but left a lot to be desired for in terms of his IQ defensively and on the boards. While I think he can improve his rebounding next season I don't think he can improve defensively just as easily. Indiana is a great defensive team and Vogel is a great coach but not necessarily a miracle-worker. Look at 2012-2013 season with Gerald Green as an example. Green was so bad defensively Vogel had no choice but to take him out of the rotation in the playoffs for a scrub in Sam Young.

Prigioni doesn't score as much as Copeland but he makes more of an impact for the Knicks than Cope and it's a better fit for Priggy to be retained than Cope due to this. Priggy is also as good or even better of a shooter than Cope. Remember Priggy led all rookies in 3pters made and % this season. Although, Priggy hesitates to take shots even when he's open that's exactly the type of player the Knicks need. He is NY's best play-maker and the offense runs at its smoothest when he's on the floor. It's not a fluke that the Knicks won 13 games in a row and finished the season off 16-2 when Kidd was benched for Prigioni for good. He's also a ball-hawk defensively and constantly presses down the court on defense. He has the ability to averaged 10-12+ PPG even at 36 because of his ability to shoot and the fact that he penetrates well and shoots @ a high % from the FT line but that just isn't his style and he'd rather not look to score and that's completely okay.

Also Copeland is 29 years old and although the Knicks did try him @ PF this season it was mostly due to the fact that they had no choice because Stat was injured all season and K-Mart wasn't part of the team until towards the end of the season. It's not as if Copeland could play PF successfully. The Knicks essentially while replace Cope with C.J Leslie who's 22 yrs old (7 yrs younger) than Cope. Not only could Leslie play PF as well as the SF spot. But he's a 2 way player that can score and play sound defense. He also has a world of athleticism and untapped potential and if he hadn't started last season in NC State so mediocre he would have probably been a lottery pick, if not definitely would of been a 1st rounder rather than going un-drafted. Despite the slow start he adjusted well and finished off his last season @ NC State a very strong one. 16 PPG/7 RPG/1.7 BPG.

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    I love Copeland as a player I honestly think he is one of the most underrated role players in the league and is very talented and skilled

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    Copeland is just entering his prime at age 29 while Prigioni is 36 years old.

    Copeland had the potential to grow more but at 29 he probably wasn't going to expand on his game much more. Prigioni is a solid center with high IQ and better at rebounding.

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