can you talk to other people but still really care for someone?

so this guy im talking to still talks to other girls but just over texting and skype they never meet in person and do anything. and he says that those girls dont matter and only i do but idk im not comfortable with that. so if we still talk i cant really take anything we do seriously. or should i just stop talking to him all together? but can u talk to other people but still really care 4 someone thankss.

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  • 8 years ago
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    for a time he can do this but once you stop talking to him, he will realize who he really cares about. if you start to avoid him a bit, you will see how much he cares for you. just give him some sounds like he wants the benefit of having a bunch of girls to talk to as well as having a girl close to him physically. what he's doing sounds like emotional cheating...and yes it does exist but he would never admit it because he want the benefit of being close to these girls and you at the same time.

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