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What are some workouts that can get rid of cellulite? I'm skinny?

I don't know why I have cellulite. I have a big butt for my size though and the cellulite is on my thighs and butt area only

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    Do squats and lunges. Once a day do about 50 squats and 20 lunges. After 4 days of doing that add 50 more to the squats and 20 more to the lunges. Work your way up till you are doing about 150 squats and 80 lunges.

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    Lift wights or do some sort of resistance training. Walk a lot. Get a mini trampoline and jump on it for 10 minutes a day.

    There are other ways to help besides exercise. Diet is really important. Eat real food. No grains, no processed foods, no sugar and no vegetable oils. Dairy can cause/contribute to cellulite so you may want to cut that out. Eat plenty of gelatin/bone broth. You can also dry brush, use a foam roller, take cold baths, take glucosemine supplements etc. Check out this website

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    Mountain climbers and jogging.

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