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Lemon juice for hair lightener ?

My friend has jet black dyed hair. We tried to put burgundy highlights a few hours after we died it black and the highlights did not show at all. It's been a few days now. With the highlights show in the black ? Or could I add lemon juice to the burgundy hair dye and highlight like that ?

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    Lemon juice is for lighter hair colors, while a honey mix is for darker colors hair. To get the mix for that just google honey mix in hair. Also another great product is sun in which works for either!

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    8 years ago

    Lemon juice is a well known natural bleach and is most affective in the sun, however by adding it to the Burgundy hair dye you may give the dye a strange texture which means the dye won't work very well. I would recommend bleaching the areas you want to highlight with lemon juice, then wait a few hours or a day and then highlight with the Burgundy dye

    Hope this helped, x

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    Yes you can use lemon juice. But have you ever heard, once you go black you never go back? It is very hard to get rid of black hair, I would know because i accidentally did it one time. If you just wait it out the color will begin to fade. Then maybe the highlights will show. The lemon thing works but it dries the heck out of your hair so i dont recommend it unless its a last resort.

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