Can I just not show up to work instead of quitting?

I currently work at a popular restaurant chain, but I feel as though I'm treated really badly! I started in march, when I was 17, and was told that the moment i turn 18 they'd train me up to be a waitress instead of the host position I currently have.

I've asked them when they'll train me up, and they keep saying "next week",yet it never happens. Not only that, but they began my contract with 3 hours a week, and promised me more once I was trained. Of these 3 hours, they probably call me in twice a month to work them. Sometimes, after making the journey into work, they'll send me home after an hour because they're too quiet. Often, they put me in to work on a different day, but don't let me know, and get mad when I haven't called to find out if they've changed my hours (which I'm sure people shouldn't have to do).

Also, I'm on a minimum wage, which I think is appalling. So I've just got a new job, working for £8 an hour (£3 more than the restaurant), a 13.5 hour guaranteed contract, with a high chance of overtime and double time pay.

I hate the restaurant job, don't feel as though I'm being treated well, and don't need the reference. Can I just not turn up to my job? Well they assume I've left?

2 Answers

  • Fred F
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Sure you can.

    But you never know what the future holds in-store for you.

    Be safe and professional and give a two week notice. They could let you go at once.

  • Molly
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    You really should just go in and quit. It would probably be even better if you gave a two week notice.

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