how do i upgrade my weapons in mercenaries mode in resident evil 5?

hi, im trying to unlock jill (battle suit) on ship deck, but seems as if its impossible for me to recieve an A. and i was wondering if it was possible to upgrade my weapons. can anybody help me????? and also if you could suggest any kind of strategy that would be great.

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    8 years ago
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    Ok, one question at a time.

    1° No, is not possible to upgrade weapons in Mercenaries mode, u have to settle for what is available for the character, however, the choice of character is essential to get a good result.

    2° A tip is to stay in constant motion, never stay in one place for too long, since the Majini can come from almost any direction in the stage, also in order to get hold of all the items of time and score bonuses scattered on the stage. Concentrate your firepower on enemies more agile and aggressive as Adjules (infected dogs) and chainsaw Majini, use shotguns for dogs, and magnums or grenades in chainsaws.

    That's all, a hope i helped u, well, good Resident Evil!

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  • 8 years ago

    It is not possible to upgrade your weapons as all the characters have a preset loadout. If you are struggling to get an A by yourself then you should play online as its much easier to get a good score. As for strategies, start by breaking all of the time crystals on the map, and to keep the time and combo going, set up melee kills by shooting enemies in the legs or arm. This will give you +5 seconds for every melee kill. Look up more strategies on Google.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No, you can't upgrade your weapons. Just make sure to utilize the melee system as best you can (find out what melee moves work best on which enemies, and shoot their limbs accordingly), and avoid anything with a chainsaw unless you have the ammo and space to deal with it.

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