My Girlfriend is leaving for 2 weeks what should I do?

She left today for a trip she signed up for 2 years ago when she was a junior in high school to go to Spain for 2 weeks. Ever since she left I've been depressed and can not figure out how to get through this. We've been together for almost 7 months now and we have pretty much been together every day. I can only talk to her once a day and that's at night. So I'm not really used to this. I'm so happy for her and hope she has a blast, but i do not want to be sad and depressed the whole time she's gone.

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  • Britty
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    8 years ago
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    Look at it this way; it is only 2 weeks. The first week will probably seem like the longest week but the next week will most likely go by quickly with you counting down the days until she gets back. Why not spend your time making a surprise for her for when she gets back? Spend time planning either a surprise date somewhere to say welcome home or make her a nice dinner (even if it's at your parent's house) and cuddle up to her favorite movie afterwards. If you spend more time thinking of a way to surprise her when she gets back instead of missing her too much the time will go by quicker :)

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    First, the question you wrote is grammatically incorrect. The "What should I do?" is a separate sentence. This error is common as this site as kids just copy the errors. Same with the use of the number 2 for the word "to." My girlfriend (not a title and no need to capitalize, is leaving for two weeks. " is correct. Dude, two weeks? In the summer? What are you her love slave? Did you have sex with her and that explains this super ultra abnormal attachment to her? Are you not happy she is being exposed to another culture and language? You are being selfish, immature and are behaving like a kid that lost his favorite toy. No friend, no family, no interest in anything other that to be with her for 24/7?

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    I agree with Britty. Thinking of a way to surprise her when she gets home would make time go by faster and of course she would love it! When you aren't busy with planning the surprise, take some time for yourself. Do something that you enjoy doing, for yourself. The first week may take forever but the second week will fly by! =) Hope all goes well!

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    Be a man. This sounds like it was written by an insecure grammar school girl. Think about the 5 year old little girl who will NEVER see her father again because he was killed in Afghanistan. How about the mother who is going without food today so her children can eat? And the mother who found out today that she has terminal cancer and will NEVER see her children grow up. Put your life in perspective and stop sounding like a whiny little baby. Be a man and she will be lucky to have someone like you to come back to.

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