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Do I need a ticket at the gate of an airport or do I actually just say my name?

My dad moved to Kentucky while I moved with my mom to Boston, I wanted to move with him this year and he bought a ticket for me, he said when i'm at the gate all I need to do is say my name and they'll let me through. This is also my first time flying.

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    You have to go to the <<check in>> counter of the airline on which you are flying. Tell the agent there what you name is and he/she will print out your boarding passes. If you have any luggage to check in, you will also do that at the same time.

    After you get your boarding passes, hand over your checked luggage, if you have any, then you go through the security check point. You will need your boarding pass then. Since you sound like you are younger than 18, you will not need any photo ID. However, it is always good to have something with you, like a school ID if you school does that.

    Then, after you get past the security check, you find the terminal and gate for your flight. Be sure to check the TV screens that are all around the airport to make sure that the gate listed is the same as the check in agent told you. They do sometimes change.

    Go to the gate, and make sure the signs at the gate are for your flight. Wait until the gate agent starts boarding and get into the line when you group or row number is called for boarding.

    you might wan to read some of the traveler information from the TSA web pages to find out about what you can and can't take in your carry on bag.

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    1. Nowadays almost all people hold e-tickets that are electronically saved inside airlines' computer network. Your dad should email you the confirmation of your booking that shows an airline's confirmation code along with the itinerary, or at least give you all such information.

    2. When boarding at any gate, passengers need to have a boarding pass which is DIFFERENT from an air ticket, whether paper or e-tickets.

    With e-tickets, passengers can check in online from the airline's website at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure, and most probably print their own boarding pass(es) at the same time. You need the confirmation code when doing this, and whenever you contact the airline about your reservation.

    You can also obtain the boarding pass(es) from the airline counter at the airport before departure, this is also where you should check your bags. If you are 18 or above, the airline would need to see your government issued photo id, otherwise bring your birth certificate. You will need to show either of these documents when going through airport security.

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    Neither, you need a boarding pass. A boarding pass is not a ticket. You only get one ticket per itinerary (and it is electronic, stored in the airline's computers 99.999% of the time). You need one boarding pass for each flight. If you have a 1-stop, round trip itinerary, you will get 4 boarding passes - 2 for the outbound flights and 2 for the return flights.

    You get the boarding pass when you check in for the flight online or at the airport. You'll need the confirmation number that your dad got when he bought the ticket. If he bought both tickets together, you'll check in together.

    You need a boarding pass, and if you're 18 or older, ID to get through security. And then you need the boarding pass again to get on the plane. It's all done electronically. They just scan the barcode on the pass. While in theory they probably could look up your name, they have to type it in and it would take forever for everyone to do it.

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    Has he been on a commercial flight since 9/11/2001? Then he should know that you can't even get through security to enter the airport terminal without a ticket for that day and an id card. Your ticket is checked again at the gate before you enter the airplane. I can't remember if your id is required at the gate for a domestic flight (it is for an international flight).

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    he seems confused or you are or both.

    he should forward the confirmation email to you.

    you can then check in online up to 24 hours prior to your flight and print your boardign pass or you can do so at your airline's CHECK IN COUNTER (not gate) at the airport.

    you then need to show your boarding pass and government issued photo ID if you are 18+ at the security check point.

    THEN you go to your gate and when you board you hand them your boarding pass.

    that is how you get on a plane.

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    that is possible.

    if he bought you a ticket online you name will be in the computer and the person at the counter can pull up your ticket.

    but it would be allot easier if he just sent you the confirmation email

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    You'll usually hand them the ticket and they'll let you through.

    Good luck on your first time flying!

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