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Was telling law enforcement to keep down any rioters a false alarm?

At no point in time was the judge ever neutral which she's supposed to be, the whole time she's done everything possible to help the prosecutors making the defense jump through hoops, puddles, craters and hopscotch squares just to defend their client.

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    There have been no riots, although thousands have demonstrated peacefully.

    The judge was by the book all the way. So were the prosecutors and the defenders.


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    8 years ago

    Uh, no, you're wrong. She has been very careful to abide by the law, which is her job. You just think she's been unfair because you support Zimmerman. Impartial observers--by that I mean, actual attorneys and people who don't support one side or the other--have been impressed with the way she's run the trial. Your bias is getting in the way of your eyesight.

    Having said that, judges always lean slightly towards the prosecution in EVERY case. Most judges used to be prosecutors.

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