My mother is controlling my life, help?

So let me tell you what's just happened in full:

I wanted to go out wearing jeans, well, because I like wearing jeans. I told my mother saying "hey, I'm going out." And as soon as she saw me wearing jeans and a t shirt, she instantly went to upstairs just to tell me "get those jeans off now!" And then I went to lock my door to take my jeans off. But then she tells me to for somewhat reason open the door a few seconds later. So she then comes into my room and starts throwing all my shorts into my room. All my clothes are in my mothers room because I'm redecorating my room. She then starts putting her fist into my face almost as if she's gonna punch me full on in the face. And then she just leaves and goes into the garden to sunbathe.

One time I asked her if I could change the way I dress. Like, she forces me to wear things that make me feel uncomfortable. I asked her if I could dress as a scene kid. Google it if y'all don't know what that is, and she said "it would make me feel uncomfortable in public." So it's about her, not me. Not the way I want to dress, but the way she wants to dress me.

The thing is, and also me and my sister are extremely aware of this. We think she is mentally ill. She gets angry for no reason. And you're thinking that it can't be that major, but trust is. My family goes out for dinner, then she suddenly decides she doesn't anymore. When we're around my grandparents' dog, she decides to randomly start dancing. It f**king bonkers...

I'm only 16 now, and I'd most want to live with my father. But my mother would certainly, without a doubt not let me. They're divorced I should say. My father has always been there for me 24/7. Same with my mother, but she's just nuts! One time I didn't have a bath in a day, and then she goes and have the biggest tantrum at me saying "you're a smelly tw*t" and stuff.

I am actually thinking of just hiding in some woods for a few days. There's some woods just behind my house, so I can just try and survive their. I'll just bring food and drink with me. Just so she gets the f**king message that I'm always depressed because of her and feel suicidal on and off. Of course I won't commit suicide, I'd never do that. But she makes me feel that way. I've been dealing with this for 3 years. And it's making me enter the early stages of depression. Is there anyway I can my mother not like this. Because it makes my life like s**t. When I go to the woods, I'll just bring my iPad and my mobile phone just in case for any reasons.

What should I do, thank you.

God Bless.

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    8 years ago
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    Sounds like she's either a control freak or a narcissist. You have no other choice, running away wouldn't be the best thing to do because she'll take your and your sister's freedom even more. You are living under her roof so you'll have to bear with it. If she's a narcissist, she will not change but if she's only a control freak, she could be changed but with difficult treatment.

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