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I just want a dog as a pet!?

So I live with my mom and sister and we rent our house. I have never had a dog but ever since I was a kid I have been an extreme dog person. Apparently according to our land lord our house is WAY to small for even a small dog...which is complete bull ****. I want a puppy so bad! Thinking about and seeing dogs makes me really sad and depressed. I want to talk to our land lord and ask (beg) to be aloud to get one. But I don't know if it will help. Can you give me some ideas to convince her to let me have one. I want one so bad it hurts!

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  • Covah
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    A word of caution.......

    IF you annoy the landlord of this "I want a puppy so bad!".... be prepared for him to evict your family.

    You've NO idea what it's like to be a grown up & the expenses adults have in maintaining the basics of life. I'm sure your landlord has many others lined up that could rent that dwelling of yours.

    Your Mum signed a contract & if it's broken or your family harasses said landlord, they could decide to file eviction notice for harassment.

    Give your Mum a break...... you could mess up her rental credit if you battle the owner.

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    Well for a few suggestions try https://www.facebook.com/DifferentTypesOfDogs

    You should first find a dog breed that you want to get, preferably a small dog and one that is easy to take care of (chihuahua's are very hyper dogs so I would recommend not to get those). Once, you find out a dog breed you can do some internet searching and then when you got all the information... Good dog, doesn't bark much, won't get hyper and run all over everything, etc. You should talk to your land lord about it and tell her that the dog you want isn't going to be a problem. She should let you get a dog after she have seen your research and seriousness.

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    All the feels! Honestly, though, it's the landlords house and you can't do anything to convince him. Dogs are a lot of work. Talk to the landlord, tell him you'll get a Chihuahua or a Beagle, an extremely small dog. Say you'll give it professional training lessons not to bark. Even if he does not agree, that doesn't mean you can't love dogs. I entertained myself by going to dog park and walks and volunteering at shelters.

    Some ideas to convince her: Dogs make you live longer.

    Dogs will help prevent people from stealing things.

    They alert people in case of fires.

    Dogs can be trained not to bite things or chew on things. Special spray can be bought at Pet Stores to prevent this, too!

    This dog can count as your therapy dog if you are sad and depressed. Tell her finally that you hate living without a companion and that a dog would enrich your life. Say it could be your therapy dog and tell her if she agrees she would help you save and a life and improve your own life.

    If all else fails, finally say you'll adopt an older dog that already has manners. If this fails, dog parks are still options...

    Hope I helped!

  • KenAn
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    I was the same way when I was your age. My parents even got me one once and then took it away. I had to be patient and wait until I was out on my own. I worked full time and went to college in the evenings, so I had to wait until I was done, bought a house when I was 26 and have had dogs ever since. Don't worry, you will get there!

    In order to spend time with dogs, is there a humane society or rescue you could volunteer for in your area? Then you would have that interaction you crave and learn a lot to prepare for your own.

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    The LL owns the property, not you and not your parents. You are not entitled to a dog at all. You are being childish. The Ll has told you no dog so that means no dog. If you sneak one if the Ll will find out and either make you get rid of it or be evicted.

    Nothing you can do will make the Ll allow a dog. They damage the property and since its not your property you have no say in what animals you can have at all if any.

    "I want one so bad it hurts!"

    Then you are far too immature for one

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    I feel your pain but just because you want a dog doesn't always mean you are ready for one. You can't just get a puppy just because everyone else has one. Puppies take tons of responsibility and training. Believe me I had to beg and plead too when I was younger when I wanted a German shepherd puppy but I really wasn't ready for one. The thing is you have to be sure you're really ready for one.

    Keep in mind that puppies need:

    Around the clock attention and supervision

    Complete and appropriate training and socialization (using positive reinforcement ONLY)

    Food, water, toys, crate, leash, collar, harness, etc.

    Shots/Vet visits

    daily exercise

    You have to be sure you are willing to dedicate yourself to a puppy. I know it sucks not being able to have one, but they aren't stuffed animals. Maybe now is not the right time. I had to wait 4 years for my dream puppy. Sure it took forever, but it was all worth it.

    Source(s): years of experience with puppies
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    its the landlord's house. the landlord doesnt want a dog.. and he has that right.

    Dogs can be very destructive.. and renters with pets often do not pay for the damages.. Your landlord has invested a lot of money into that house, and he doesnt want his investment ruined by a dog peeing everywhere or chewing on things.

    Its not "complete bullshit".. the landlord has the right to make whatever decisions he wants regarding HIS house.

  • 8 years ago

    If you want a dog, buy your own house.

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