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Does he like being innocent?

So there's this guy that I dated (were both 15) for about 3 months but we ended up breaking up about 6 months ago. Now he wants to get back together, but he is so innocent, all he wants to do is kiss and it's kind of awkward for me because I'm a lot more experienced than him. I don't want to get back into a relationship with him if it's not going anywhere but I really do like him and he's by far the hottest boyfriend I've had. So does he just like being innocent? Is there anything I can do to change how he feels about that? What do I do? Mature answers please!

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    My dear you are 15 and the last thing you need to worry about is a romantic relationship going anywhere.You will change grow and have interests that will cause you to be a different person.So what is important to you now in a man wont be soon.If you this doesn't happen to you this change in what you want or think is important which happens naturally then that is a very intellectual and emotional bad development.You as you age will gain knowledge and experience that will turn you into a mature well rounded organism.I hope at this point in your life that the most important thing to you is friends ,education ,hobbies, and taking care of your body mind and soul. The last last thing in the world that should be important is physical relations ,and serious romantic relationships.I actually wish you mostly is that you develop mentally psychically and emotionally healthy and i hope there is a loving adult parental figure to encourage you and help you focus on this.When I was 15 i ate up books ,studied ,took dance,and made a world of friends and this shaped my life my life to make me well rounded and stable i fear you are headed in an unfavorable track.I hope you feel spiritual love and positive support in this answer.

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