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Looking for a night time teddy bear from the late 70's through the 80's!!?

Im trying to locate my older sisters favorite night time teddy bear she was given when she was younger for her birthday this year (She'll be 26 :) ) I have searched for it every way I know how, to at least find a picture, I have had no luck at all. Without a picture I'm sure it'll make this more of a challenge. My sister called this bear, Bear Share, and mom claims its a part of a night time set. I cant find anything. The bear itself was about a 16 inches high, it has on purple pajamas, like footie pajamas,that aren't removable, and the feet curl up on the end. The face and little paws are white, the nose is pink, and he has on a purple hat that hangs with a little white ball on the end, had little ears that go through the holes in the hat, solid black eyes, and his face is kind of mushed in. Hes not a standard teddy bear texture, hes actually like how you think a plush lamb would look and feel. I hope this is descriptive enough. Thank you very much for the help!

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