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Is my girlfriend pregnant????...?

So me and my gf had protected sex and the condom broke and she has missed her period by like 3 or 4 days and we already took a pregnancy test like 3 days ago an it came out negative but is that because it was to early I mean she still hasn't had her period and she has a lot of pregnancy symptoms. She always has to pee, she gets really bad headaches alot, and her tummy starts to hurt so I rub it for her, and her back is always hurting so I'm always massaging it for her she's always tired, and her boobs are getting really big and there tender when you just touch them. Is she pregnant? What should I do?

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    The symptoms you're describing aren't early pregnancy symptoms. She's only 3-4 days late, not 3-4 months along.

    If you have a negative test, then it is likely accurate.

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    I had a neg. test and then two weeks later a pos. test. They both were blood test and urine test take even longer to show. So I would wait a week and then have her take another one. Best of luck

    @ Gwen sorry that is false. I had 5 neg. at home test and one neg. blood test and I was indeed pregnant just very early. It takes a while sometimes for the hormone to add up in the body and that is what is needed to tell if you are pregnant. Also, it could be symptoms sorry to tell you everybody's body is different. I started having symptoms very early with this one oily hair & hot flashes before 8 weeks and having to pee a lot and vomiting by 8 weeks. By 3 or 4 months the early symptoms start to go away as you enter the second trimester.

    This is my 4th baby and I am not new to this pregnancy thing, I know a thing or two about neg. test and still being pregnant as I have had them with my last two pregnancy and was pregnant. Everybody's body puts off different amounts of hormones at different times, that is why the test are not always right. Read the box, it says to retest in two weeks if you get a neg result and no period.

    Also, it could just be that she is late and will start. Sometimes if you think you are pregnant you will have symptoms even if you are not. Tummy cramps and headaches can be caused by her period if she is about to have one. So either way I would wait a bit and take another test. Good Luck either way!

    Source(s): 16 weeks pregnant with baby number 4
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