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Do you find quiet, vulnerable, and docile girls attractive?


None of the above implies the girl is unintelligent... ha.

Update 2:

Noted, Billy.

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    Yeah, you bet they do. The more docile, the better.

    I noticed with my sister, she tends to be pretty big-mouthed and opinionated. She tested her husband once by acting docile and quiet and submissive for a couple of weeks. She said he loved it very much when she just agreed to everything he said and obeyed meekly.

    Same with my bf, when I act docile and meek, he absolutely loves it. But fortunately, he isn't twisted in the head and isn't looking to assert his dominance on me, so, he appreciates that I have my own opinions and express them freely.

    But yeah, I bet most guys looooove a meek and docile woman who caters to their every whim.

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    People are different with different people. Some people by nature are exclusive people whether for good or ill. Vulnerability is a spectrum. We all know those who make us feel uneasy. And some are simply lost ones and could not tell you what it is they are. Well, nothing is set in stone except maybe ones' epitaph on their tombstone. All is protean. I do not think people can be tied to simple categories. Although it might be quite true on the whole.

  • Mabe
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    8 years ago

    Moderately so. I can't stand being around a friend that is loud and obnoxious, when I am not. So, I would say the same about a man. I won't find a loud, obnoxious man attractive. Somewhere in the middle, I would. Boring if he is too quiet. I find that sneaky, for some reason.

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    I laughed when I read "quiet...girls". No woman in a relationship is quiet. She may be quiet until she feels comfortable with me but then she talks 'stream of consciousness' (whatever enters her mind, she vocalises).

    I was sitting with a quiet gf and she was quietly talking away. I tuned out for a few moments and when I 'came back' she was talking about molluscs. How the f**k she got onto that from a good-looking man she saw on tv, is still beyond me.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    not on the Monday after the weekend.


    personally, I want an equal for a long term relationship. "vulnerable" is very easy to score, if that is the goal. OFTEN "quiet and docile" are FAKED, but when they are real, it results in me "running over her" constantly. It is not difficult to find those women, it is just I do not want them.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It depends on how this translates to the bedroom..

    Does she let me tie her down, and say very naughty things to me while I bang her silly?

    However, if she's too meek even for that, then I'll just have to train her...

    I guess the answer is 'yes.'

  • 8 years ago

    Not really, I like when a girl has the same mental capacity as me

  • Pearl
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    8 years ago

    Men will claim they don't, then whine when they find themselves married to the opposite.

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