He cut me off in an Audi doing 70 and turned around?

So I dropped a 'player' from my work area a while back. In essence, I found out he was having sex with one of his old coworkers (she was 17..) when he was busy making it seem like we were in a relationship.

It's been about a year, in the meantime I've had him prank 'text' me (I shared some pretty mean words as well as insinuated I knew about his side coworker which he didn't know I knew about) avoid me at all costs except at a distance he watches me. I've moved on, I have a boyfriend and I've forgotten all about him EXCEPT when things like this happen. Yesterday I had someone speed up next to me then in front, then cut me off and turn around as they're driving. Sure enough, it was him. Why does he still even care?

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  • John W
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    8 years ago
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    Whenever anyone puts your life in danger they should be avoided at all costs. Tell this clown that the next time he pulls a stunt like that you will report him to the cops. And definitely block his texts. He should get the message, if not it is his problem not yours.

  • MM
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    8 years ago

    Why do you care enough to be asking this question multiple times? He's a jerk. The only reason to worry about his motivations is if you want to spend more time with him. And you don't. So let him play his stupid road games and go about your otherwise happy life so you can forget about him even when this stuff happens.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't know why he cares but word of warning he sounds obbseive becarful around him

  • 8 years ago

    He has good taste in cars, I'll give him that.

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