Please help! I am so nervous about going to a new school?

I am freaking out so bad because I have NO idea what to expect. I've never been to a public school before, I've attended a private school my entire school life. It's a very small school, no extracurriculars, sports, or clubs, and boys and girls were segregated. I wear religious clothing and I am afraid people will think im weird. Im nervous about getting lost, I would be too nervous to ask a teacher. I've never been in any clubs or after school/summer activities, so I don't interact with others. I AM SO AFRAID I CAN'T DO IT. :( sorry if I seem like im overreacting or something.

PLEASE help me!

Tips or anything? Is it possible to get over my nervousness?

I am hoping someone will give me a good answer

Please & Thank you

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    My cousin was same as you, from private to public, but believe me, you'll enjoy public school more. First, don't show nervousness, just relax. Since you are transferring, why don't you try to change a little bit? Forget about fears, covert them to excitement. Carry a carefree smile and I'm sure people will be happy to be friends with you. Don't try to look gloomy, people will avoid you. For your religious clothing, its not bad to wear those. If you introduce yourself, explain your reasons for your dress, like your religion so people wouldn't think its weird.They would respect you. People is not bad as you think so don't be nervous okay? For the clubs, like I said, change yourself a little bit, try loving things you fear, convert to excitement. Join club which you know you can do or can learn easy.

    Are you good at acting? I do that if I'm nervous. I pretend to be someone, someone strong, fearless. And show my true self after I get close to them. They won't hate you don't worry.

  • 8 years ago

    okay look just calm down i understand that it's a new experience for you and everyone's nervous when they try something new but i am going to tell you the things to expect, public schools are most likely going to lack discipline in their students so the classes might a little rowdy, that's probably going to be the biggest difference other than that on your first day just wear normal clothes that you would wear if you were to go out and your going to get a schedule to your classes and don't be shy to ask for directions to your classes just simply ask " Do you know where this class is?" then when you get to your class try to make friends by simply asking for help on your class assignments and who ever you've asked for help ask them if they could show you around on lunch break don't be shy it'll all be fine. Well i hoped i helped and good luck!

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