crazy person living with us?

so my parents had there old friend move in with us because she has really bad bipolar. im used to the bipolar because my dad also has it but he takes things to make him not flip out well anyways we had to go get her from California because it was her 5th time this year going to the hospital and getting 51-50 now she is living with us and we have all agreed she is different. now she is into talking to ghosts and all this crazy stuff. she told my step mom that she has dreams about f*cking my dad. and she totally tries to also. she shares a room with me and im literally scared to sleep because i think she will be standing over me(she used to stand over my parents) but things keep on breaking in our house also. my step moms table out side got completely flipped over and the glass broke. and that was the only thing that moved and she was home alone when it happened. we had small little plastic chairs they didn't even move at all and she blamed it on the wind. but we all think she flipped it because that's were my parents sit when he is home. she only wears makeup when he is home and does her hair. she stays in the same clothes for days but changes them once hes home. (hes a truck driver so gone all the time) when he comes home she runs out the door to be the first to greet him im his daughter and i dont even run in front of my step mom to greet him. i even let our dog greet him before me. who gives her the right to greet my dad before me or my step mom? and then things of my step moms keep going missing and breaking and nothing but hers. we took her in because her family stole all of her stuff when she was in the hospital and she was going to a state hospital if we didn't take her in. but she scares me a lot i talked to her when she was in the hospital and she was singing wear songs and talking like a demon. im really scared i dont want to share a room with her or have her near me anymore. i think shes is also trying to be like my step mom. she tries to cook for me and my dad, she tries to help me with my school and helps me pick things out for school like my step mom does. i swear she is trying to be my step mom. what can i do i have already yelled at her twice about it what else can i do if we kick her out she goes to a mental hospital

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    8 years ago
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    Gives her the right because it a free country

    Source(s): Hate girls like you naw jk just a lil payback -.-
  • Rick B
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    8 years ago

    Wow! This is almost impossible to read. Ever hear of paragraphs??????

    If this woman is disrupting your family, making you feel unsafe, and trying to break up your parents' marriage by talking about sleeping with your dad, it seems that she should leave. A the very least, she should not be in your bedroom.

    Talk to your parents about this. If there are other options for you, suggest that maybe you should leave and live with ______. Can you move in with your mom? A friend or relative? Tell them you won't stay there because it is not safe. If she truly injures or threatens you, call the cops.

    It sounds like she belongs in the state hospital you mention.

  • 8 years ago

    Let her go to the mental hospital, it's probably what's best for her. She sounds waaaay too out of control and is desperate to get some with your dad. Kick her out.

    Source(s): It's what I'd do.
  • 8 years ago

    she sounds crazy, get her to somewhere intill she isnt as bad

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