I had a strange dream?

I had a dream in which my house was covered in vines and there were people who took over it they were forcing us to stay there after sometime they told me that i could leave with my family but i had to leave my eldest aunt behind it senned as if i was in control of my emotions they occationally rubbed their fingers against my cheeks lightly as if they were planning something and smiles evily we went out and they saw that my ear rings were made of real gold (in reality the back side of it is gold) i began crying telling them my granddad gave them to me (which is true he did) i was afraid they were going to snach them from my ears leaving my ears open from the middle.. The dcence changed i saw i was hidden in a boat with thick vines or banboo hiding us and i ssaw i was hiding a kid with me the scene changed again I ran got my parents and one aunt and we ran we got into a car and everyone hated me for leaving my aunt behind but they didnt know it was the only way yo save them those people then started following us i got out of the car and ran when i came back the aunt i left behind was in the car and everyone was happy

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  • 8 years ago
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    don't worry it is just a dream

  • 8 years ago

    k first of all no run on sentences and please spell check, this was tough to follow. second you may feel, subconsiously or consciously, that you are trapped within your home or somewhere else. usually if you are trapped somewhere in a dream, you are feeling trapped in real life. are you leaving your aunt in real life, literally or figuratively? if you felt in control if your emotions then, you probably have control in real life. now was it your family that smiled evilly or the people making you stay there and then allowing you to leave? if it was your family, maybe you are having problems with distrust of them, afraid they will take something precious from you. if it was the other people, the same distrust may be applied to someone else. after the scene changed you said you were hiding and protecting a child. usually when there is a child in your dreams it represents you. maybe you are trying to sheild yourself from something. a bad memory that is being repressed maybe? the rest is unclear, I dont know what to make of it. what you need to do is analyze your life and search for connections to the dream. spend some time on it. start a dream journal to help you decifer it. and also keep in mind that unless it is recurring, there is always the possibility that it is what is called a toxic dream. meaning that there is some imbalance in your body. vitamin deficiency, or something like that. toxic dreams can also occur if you eat something or drink sugary drinks too close to bedtime.

    Source(s): LOTS of research and practice interpreting my own dreams and others.
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