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Removing paint on guitar?

hi, i want to remove the paint from my guitar... i was looking for some tips on how to go about it, (Preferabley with out power tools) I am actually not 100% on what kind of guitar it is because it has the incorrect neck, but i beleive it is either a modified Fender Mustang Or a squire Cyclone... thank you for helping

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    Ok, if its anything good/collectable, you stand to lose a good deal of its resale value as a collectable when it will no longer be original. Even if its just a vintage Mustang body, it still has decent value. Anyway, that being said, sand paper. Ideally, a belt sander and a dremel would be best. Without power tools, well, go ahead and do it by hand. Obviously start with a high grit to get most of the lacquer/nitrocellulose off, something around 60 grit. As you get down to wood, go with a higher grit, maybe 200. You don't want to go too high because you want the primer to adhere to something, or clear coat if you are not going to use paint.

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