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Physic please! When will I get my period?

If you r a physic, can you tell me when I'll get my first period, but if your not when do you thinknill get it?

I am 13. I have had discharge for someone like 9 months or so. I have pubic hair that I have to trim every like 2-3 weeks. I have to shave my legs every other day and I shave my under arms every day. I have grown 4 inches in this past year. I weigh 100lbs and I'm 5'4". I have had cramps this past 2 days. Yesterday I had a pain below my belly button and I assumed it was a cramp. Today I had a few cramps that felt like of u were running for a long time and u get a cramp by the bottom of your ribs but it was below my belly button. I also had a few cramps like on my va-jj. My friend said that was where she got cramps. If you were to guess when I was to get my period (_days..._weeks..._months) when would you say, because I know there is no way to tell, when do you think I would get it? Thx!!!

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    you cant always just ask your mom I hate when people say that! My mom got hers at nine and I got mine at twelve. you don't really know. My friend Jessica didn't get hers until she was eighteen. You might get yours sooner than your mom or later. Its not something you wanna rush trust me lol but when I was about to get mine I had really bad cramps and I couldn't eat a lot.

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    8 years ago

    ask your mom when she got it. it usually is around the same age.

    plus, i think a few weeks!

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