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Who will replace kane at MiTB?

Everyone keeps saying Wyatt or Ambrose lol... Ambrose is in the other Mitb match..

Wyatt is good but he cannot join bryan has to much fans on his side and RVD is returning if anyone wins it will be bryan or RVD. So wyatt cannot join because he would have to win unless the wwe wants to make wyatt look like a joke.

My best guess is brock lesnar joins thw MiTB, he attacked cm punk so this could continue that storyline. Paul heyman is the best manager in the business so might as well add in to the storyline heyman gets lesnar into the match and then represents him against punk leading to a storyline punk vs brock with heyman in his corner.

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    I'm gonna say no one will replace him

  • If you follow the premise that each Man in The All Star Money In The Bank Match has to be a Former WWE Champion or a Former World Heavyweight Champion, that would leave you the following Wrestlers who do not have Matches already at The Money In The Bank Pay Per View:

    1) Brock Lesnar

    2) Triple H

    3) Rey Mysterio

    4) The Big Show

    5) Booker T

    6) The Undertake

    7) The Rock

    My pick would be The Big Show.

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    It is rumored that the winner of Ryback vs Jericho will earn the MITB Ladder Match spot to replace Kane.

    WWE will need someone to replace the "big man" so I'm guessing Ryback.

    Personally I'd love to see Lesnar shock the world as a surprise entrant via the orders of Brad Maddox. He doesnt even need to Win the MITB Case, he just needs to make it OBVIOUS he is targeting CM Punk and making Sure Punk WILL NOT win.

    This will build on their feud. Lesnar costing Punk his opportunity at his coveted WWE Championship. This will be the final straw for Punk

  • Lesnar coming in would advance the feud too much. Wyatt needs more time to set his gimmick as well as his counterparts Harper and Rowan. I'd say either Big Show, Kofi Kingston or Jericho and Ryback competes for a spot.

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    I think big show

    Source(s): THE NEXT BIG THING
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