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I need serious help with my crush, can anyone help me out?

So, I've been crushing on this guy since I was 8. We played this game at recess when I was little called, "Enemies Chase". A select group of girls would chase the guys every recess, and we all were worst enemies with the opposite gender. That has somewhat lived on, making everyone awkward with their former teammates. I"m 17 now. I've developed an extreme crush on one of the guys, I'll call him CS for Yahoo! purposes. Everyone knows CS as a very smart student. There is an optional advanced academic program at our high-school, me, my friends, and CS are in this. This program has been going on since 4th grade, making a total of 9 years. The same people have been in this class every year, so we're all very close friends.

Last year, before school was let out for summer, CS asked me, "Are you going to the academic program again?" I nodded, and he said "Good." I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

CS is on great terms with me and my friends, in 6th grade, before my friend moved, we referred to each other as "sissy"(us) or "bubbsie"(CS). And he is great friends with my friend, they play soccer together.

He may like me back, but I'm not sure. We tease each other constantly. I have even said to my friends, "One day, I'm going to savagely murder him." Jokingly, of course. Although, I have hurt him(and many others who decide to make me angry)with my nails. I think you understand how the connection is between us.

I have caught him staring at me, but when I look at him, he looks away. We sometimes talk, usually with "You idiot!" or "Weirdo" jokingly thrown into the conversation. I'd say we are friends, but edging towards something else, what it is, I don't know. I'm usually good with this, but this is unknown territory for me to deal with.

I don't have pictures of him, but he looks like a younger Keanu Reeves to me. Please help me, is there a chance he likes me, or anything? I'm head over heels for CS. Can you determine if he likes me back?

PS: At 11:11 am or pm, I make a wish, and that wish is that CS will love me.

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    He really likes you very much. He's just a little awkward when it comes to getting to know you more in a deeper way. Hang in there!

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