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Why do I suck so much at Cross Country running?

I can run 5-6 miles like nothing but everytime we do hard long runs or tempo runs, I am the last one. I feel worthless coming in last. People always say good job to me but I know they don't mean it ): . This happened last year during track season but if was my first year so I kinda expected it but I have been training for awhile now and I feel like it has done nothing. I go to practice everyday and I never miss it but I still cannot do good. I'm not even sure I can make my high school jv team :(. I'm starting to think that I was never meant to do this.


I'm going to be a junior this year.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Keep plugging along. Aspire for PR's in every meet. Don't be distracted by those around you. Track & XC are individual sports. Your teammates know that you're trying and they respect that. Sometimes everything just "clicks" in a particular race and you'll amaze yourself. Don't give up; everyone can't be a varsity star.

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