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does this prove abortion is murder?

you can easily check the fetus's DNA and check if it's a unique human with his own DNA, If the cells were non-functional aka dead, then the fetus is dead, but if they are functional, it's alive. it must be either alive or dead, since it's not dead, it's alive. so aborting a fetus is killing living cells, which means it is then dead, after it was alive. Making something alive become dead called killing, and when it is a human, it's called murder.

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    Your logic is fine, but your assumptions are off. You seem to be assuming away the whole point of contention: whether a fetus is human (or more specifically, when it becomes human). At what point are we no longer killing off a small part of the mother's living tissue (morally no different from picking a scab or killing cancer cells), and instead killing a baby?

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    Murder is NOT the death of something with unique human DNA.

    Murder is an illegal act that leads to the death of a legal human person with the human person right to life.

    Cancer has its own unique DNA.

    No one is going to toss you into prison for taking off a toe with cancer.

    You've just killed something with its own unique DNA, but it's not murder.

    Having a beating heart isn't anything either.

    In most places you can legally kill someone in order to protect yourself if they are assaulting you or your children.

    Some states even allow you to kill someone to protect other people.

    It's not murder.

    You're also allowed to take a person off of life support.

    Innocence has nothing to do with it either.

    Not to mention the fact that a fetus does not have a right to life.

    It can not have rights without interfering in the rights of the person pregnant with it.

    The only reason a fetus can be inside of a person's body is with their consent.

    If it does not have consent, then it is a trespasser.

    Meaning it is a human right to have abortion.

    Abortion CAN NOT be murder.

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    When you yank out a cyst or tumor you kill living cells too. Based on the hypocrisy that surroinds Christianity and most religions, Christians shouldnt be complaining diddly squat about abortion. Chiristians justified, sacrifice, murder and slavery

    Quit trying to make what is supposed to be a free country some kind of pathetic theocracy like what they have in the Middle East

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    "Making something alive become dead called killing, and when it is a human, it's called murder."

    Except when it's done in self-defense, as in the case of pregnancy.

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    They should quit trying to make the USA a theocracy based off false translations of scripture that they use against Muslims, Jews, and gay people and women who have had abortions.

    God killed fetuses in Hosea. That's why I am pro-choice. Therefore, abortion is legal and biblical. What is not legal or biblical is people protesting outside of women's clinics and shaming women. That offends God more than the woman that went through with the procedure.

    I am actually in the process of becoming a clinic escort for women that are going into Planned Parenthood. I am going to be there and comfort her and guide her and lift up her spirit to the fact that abortion is NOT murder.. The soul cannot be killed. It can incarnate eventually when the mother gets pregnant again.

    Source(s): Pro-Choice Spiritualist
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    you don't need to prove a fetus is alive. Of course its alive. Abortion is just another way men can repress women by emotionally dominating. The only think I can think of more damaging to womens rights than pressuring young girls to get abortions is pressuring young girls to get FGM.

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    Death penalty is murder. Aborted babies go to hell for 33 and a half years. Mothers of aborted get cancer. Soda (Pepsi, etc.), cosmetics (make-up), anti-cancer and anti-aging products contain cells of aborted fetuses. Abortion is murder. Euthanasia is murder. Surrogacy is prostitution. Sterilization is a sin. Castration is a sin. Thou shall be merciful.

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    You can whine all you want. Even gnash your teeth. That doesn't change the fact that abortion is specifically excluded from the application of the murder statutes. Abortion is legal ergo abortion is not murder.

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    Conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.--Abe Lincoln

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

    --Declaration of Independence

    Born or created equal?

    Should liberty be used to create death or to create life?

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    A tumor is a lump of living human cells too..

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