So I'll be leaving for Kuwait (I'm from the Philippines). I want to know which network to choose (SMART, GLOBE or SUN) to apply for a plan that I can use when I go abroad. Which plan do you suggest? How much would it cost to use roaming service in Kuwait. Thanks.

I'm planning on a blackberry data plan with unlimited BBM and mobile internet.

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    8 years ago
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    When living in Kuwait it will make much more sense to get a local sim card instead of roaming. It's much cheaper.

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  • WOrD
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    8 years ago

    just get a visitor SIM as tourist, or regular if you are going to work there. Using roaming abroad costs a bundle compared to local cards. The cost is determined by the provider (in Phil) you decide to choose. Different providers have different roaming partners & thus different costs / plans.

    In Kuwait the local networks are Watanyia, Viva, & Zain.

    BBM may not be available on roaming unless you request that specifically . Also BBM is not available on tourist card.

    As an alternative way of keeping same number , you can use Thuraya sat phone instead of roaming to keep same number. Thuraya phone does use local GSM network when there is ground coverage , and satellite mode when there is no GSM provider.

  • 8 years ago

    Roaming is never a good idea since the charges are humongous. A local sim card with a prepaid service like Telestial is good choice.

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