Skyrim what quest is this and gow do i start it?

Um really bored today so I thought I would play skyrim but I have don't most quest and sence I'm ADD I don't like doin much over but I rember this one quest but I didn't complete it you know with the stars and stuff or someting. And I'm a vampire now and I'm going to cure it I just don't know how to use the black soal thing and once I cure it will my skin go back to normal cause I was out it the sun a lot and if made my skin look really dirty ??

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    So you are at the part where Falion in Morthal gives you a black soulgem to fill it. All you need to do is acquire a Soul trap spell and cast it on a humanoid, kill it and you should have a filled black soul gem. Then go back to Falion and he will cure you.

    and yes, your skin will return to its original color, so you wont be pale.

    Hope this helped.

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