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The guy I like told me he likes me. Where do we go from here?

Yesterday the guy I like told me he likes me and I told him that I like him too. But then he was all like "I thought you didn't like me" and I told him "what made you think that?" and he said "idk i thought i wasnt your type" "but i told him i didnt have a type" and he said "aww oh well :)" But then he was all like "how was your day?"

Uhm?! Why would he just change the subject like that? Are we official orrr? I'm sorry this is the first guy that has ever liked me back lol uhm I don't really know what to do ?

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    guys have a rough time with this kind of relationship stuff. Most aren't very good at expressing how they feel. It seems to me that he tried and was nervous once you said you did like him. I think by him diverting to another subject it was just a way of changing it so he didn't have to keep talking about his feelings. Its obvious he likes you, because guys wont say something like this unless they mean it. My suggestion is bring it up again when you two are alone and just say something like "you know the other day when you said you liked me?" Then i would go from there and just be like, "where do we go from here?" Hope this helps! =]

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    Go out to get coffee or a movie or someplace together, and then see if the conversation escalates to you being an official couple. He'll probably ask.

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    Now that u like each other, u should start to don the waiting hat ..... u have a hell a lotta time.... so start by getting close to him .... spend time with him.... get to know his likes and dislikes .. be good buddies ..... there's nothing wrong in it...... share your life with him ...... but do not get emotionally attached to him before I know that he loves u to the core..... have an open and a healthy relationship with him .... in that way u ll have a gr8 time and even if he doesnt love u, yu would have won yourself a good friend. ....

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    By saying you didn't have a type could most likely have been taken as you don't like anyone, just like to point that out

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    hes just shy by the sound of it, ask him if you want to do anything, eg movie, etc. then try and see where you go. Sounds like nerves got the better of him, i used to be like that.

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    He just didn't know what to say. Call him up and ask if he wants to hang out. All's good

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