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will i have a problem with my new car?

I just bought a 2003 Nissan Altima with 236,200 miles from a family member. there is absolutely nothing wrong with it that they know of, and they have taken very good care of it and have all the receipts of the mechanical work done over the years. The next time i will need new tires is next year. Will i have problems with it shortly? or will it last me a while?


it has also only had premium gas in it since 2003. do i have to continue using that same gas?

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    Modern cars are MUCH better than vehicles used to be. This one has a bit of extra mileage on it, but maintenance is more important than how far the car has gone. If it has been well maintained, and we'll assume it has from what you say, how much longer it will last is a guess. There will be some issues, at some point, but the key here is how much longer will the expensive parts continue to function (engine, transmission, electrical system) before repairs are required. It is not uncommon for a Nissan to reach 300,000 miles or more, but at some point, one of the major systems will fail and there is no way to know for sure when. There are some tests you can do to help determine if there are problems that haven't revealed themselves yet.

    I would take the car to a trusted mechanic or work with a friend and do an inspection (it would be good to take this to a shop computer to see how healthy it says it is), tune-up, compression test, belt and hose replacement (unless you know exactly when these parts were replaced), and timing belt replacement (unless this vehicle uses a chain, which is rare today).

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    Yes. Eventually. Just when? Perhaps you should ask that question next. Hey! It only costs you five more points to ask another question.

    Eventually ALL cars have problems. I drove a 2002 Chevy S10 Pickup all these years and never had a major problem with it until this past winter. The fuel pump finally quit. So after fixing the fuel pump I traded it in. I KNEW the time has drawn near for the truck to start experiencing breakdowns. And I drove the car 197,000 miles. I, too, took excellent care of the vehicle. I even went 80,000 miles on the factory original tires - and at the time of replacing them they were just getting to the wear indicator bars in the tread. So, no, I didn't drive around on bald tires. I took good care of the truck and it served me well. But when things began to go wrong I knew it was time to give the headache coming to someone else. I bought an 08 truck. Finding more problems with that than the one I traded in. "(

    Best of luck with your new car.


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    Why would someone run premium gasoline in a vehicle that was neither premium required or premium recommended? Total waste of cash. Start using 87 octane immediately.

    As far as how long it will last is anyone's guess. It is certainly aging, but should have quite a bit of life still if properly serviced and maintained.

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    How would you expect someone here to tell you what will happen in the future. Look in the owners manual for what gas to use.

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