We had a rat in the house...?

Three nights ago, I woke up to a scratching in my bedroom. I looked behind my television and saw a rat scurry beneath my television stand. My dog, cat, wife, and I tried to catch it to no avail. Since then, we have had Orkin visit our home. He put down some traps and pointed out some possible entry points. We also found a lot of rat droppings in the back of the bathroom pantry, where we believe the main entry point is. We sealed that entry and cleaned all the droppings from the pantry. I check the traps every morning...none have caught rats. Also, there are no more droppings in the bathroom pantry. We have not seen a rat since. Do you think it's possible it was a one-time freak thing? We are careful not to leave food lying around...although we do have three kids, two of which are lazy *** teenagers. How long do you believe it needs to be before we safely say we are in the clear?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    <Rolls eyes>

    You should buy rat bait, not pay to have this problem dealt with.

    Anyways, if you see no rats or evidence of them for a month, you're in the clear until you see fresh evidence..

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