How should tell my parents im had sex with my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend has been having sex for about 9 months now. We are still in high school and i would often lied to them that im spending the night at my girl friend house. Now they just noticed that i acted suspicious and starting to not let me sleep elsewhere (when i ask them to stay with a friend they would say something like "but we miss you"

"but we need you because tomorrow..."

"but you need to..."

sometimes i beg them and they let me eventually. but they will suspect me even more and they would call my friends and check if im really with them.

So, how could i spend the night with my boyfriend again? should i continue lying (which if they found out they would be MAD). They dont even know im sexually active. and i never talk to them about sex or anything like that. Or should i just told them the truth that im not a baby anymore and that i had sex. now i cant spend the night with my boyfriend. And i really want to because it makes both of us happy and we really have a good time!

Please answer! thank youuu!

note*: my parents still think im innocent. they would still make me cover my eyes when theres a make out/sex scenes in movies. ugh

When we had sex we used condoms and we are really careful and we know what we're doing. so dont say things about protection too much i took care of myself well but thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Since you're still in high school, I wouldn't suggest letting them know you spend the night at your bfs house. I don't think you should even tell them you're having sex. If you do, they'll most likely try to stop you from going anywhere and seeing your boyfriend. I think you should calm down with spending the night at your friends house to ease their suspicions. No parents like their kids having sex. Especially if they think you're innocent and you're a girl. You should also be more careful because the minute you become careless, you'll get caught. Then it'll become world war 3. I know. I've been there.

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    8 years ago

    Well, i don't now exactly how old you are but i think you know what you do as you say so. If there is a real sympathy and may be more between you and your boyfriend then what's wrong in it? Your parents should understand that you are already an independent person who can decide how to live. Try to explain them that you love your boyfriend and want to be with him and that your feelings are reciprocal. Don't mention sex, just say about your feelings to him. They should understand.

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