Is claiming you're a Libertarian the new "in thing" with the Right Wingers today?

or is it that they know the Republican name is tainted so they jump onto this label to try and fool people?

I've never seen so many people claim they are Libertarian until now. lol

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  • 8 years ago
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    They're trying to fool people, but it isn't working.

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    8 years ago

    Not sure, I have noticed some people claiming to be Libertarian that are not socially liberal like myself.

    I am for gay rights and gay marriage.

    I am for legalization of marijuana.

    I am pro-choice up to the point of the fetus being sentient (~24 weeks at which <1% of abortions occur).

    I am for immigration reform that includes tightening our borders AND giving illegal immigrants currently here the opportunity to become citizens and pay taxes.

    I am not for increasing taxes, but am for closing loopholes enjoyed by the rich.

    I am for welfare being a work program.

    I KNOW we must start limiting our spending. Why? Because we are spending at 26% of GDP, while the most we have pulled in with all of the differing tax policies over the last 60 years is ~20% of GDP, so increasing taxes is not going to eliminate the deficit.

    My stance on ZImmerman is simple. I thought there should be a trial. Now that there has been and the facts have come out, I see more than enough reasonable doubt to annoy me when liberals are still screaming for Zim's head. Fact is, there is more reasonable doubt here, then in either OJ or MJ trial. Be consistent in application of law, or risk an unblinded racist justice. Yelling and screaming for blood with the threat of rioting on something where reasonable doubt has been established is just BS.

    You can say I am whatever you choose. It is just a label anyways. I choose libertarian label, because I think that describes a social liberal and fiscal conservative, but call me what you will.

    BTW, I was a democrat. I liked Clinton, voted for Clinton both times.When it was Bush and the Bush double Kerry who was from the same fraternity, I was so dissappointed in the dems I could not even bring myself to vote. I voted for Obama the first time and absolutely loved his promises of working together and getting us out of foreign conflicts. His actions and the actions of the dems in increasing govt spending, keeping us in wars, and generally being as bad as the repubs in many respects drove me from the dem party to the Libertarian. I voted libertarian last election and for the first time in a long time, have no regrets.

    Note, I now vote Libertarian, not repub, and not dems. If a libertarian is not on the ticket, my vote splits based upon the platform of the individual. So if this is a way to get repub votes, it certainly isn't working for me.

    You dems need to go back to the Clinton direction and the repubs need to stop with their bible-thumping crap.

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  • 8 years ago

    The word libertarian has been used for a LOOONG time. 1789 was the first recorded use.

    I was a self-labelled Republican in the mid 90s. I didn't agree with the entire platform but the party was generally in favor of indvidualism, pragmatic limited government, free markets, lowered spending, and deficit hawking. Supply-siderism was prevelant but not yet the religion it has become. I'm more of a classicist myself on economics.

    It turned in 1998 when the party threw out Newt Gingrich in favor of the Tom DeLay regime. Though DeLay never held the speaker or presidency, he was the one directing the Republican agenda according to many insiders. The new Republicanism was about pushing evangelicanism, deficits didn't matter, more spending and pork were good, and supply-side tax cuts became a religion where ANY cut of ANY magnitude would "pay for itself" and then some. This is in fact NOT what the Laffer Curve says, but the popular distortion didn't mind exagerrating the Laffer Curve's more modest academic grounding.

    So I left. I have generally regarded the GOP as the "lesser evil", but the way they are behaving on this immigration reform and gay marriage...I'm starting to second guess this. The senate immigration bill is the first truly pro growth thing congress has done since the 1996 Welfare Reform. Our aging country NEEDS new blood, and guest worker program, expanded legal immigration, and high skill worker expansion in this bill are critical. Is it the number one problem on the board? No. But it's one we can solve in a divided govt. Opposing it is stupid economically, and electorally.

    I am considering registering as a Democrat for the first time in my life. At least then I could influence their primaries and maybe help bring them back towards where Clinton was during his presidency. I didn't appreciate him enough at the time, but Bill Clinton was pretty good for the country. Spending as a share of GDP dropped during that time. Granted, Clinton opposed that, but he was a pragmatist who would compromise. I don't see that in either party today.

    The evangelicals are driving us out of their party. They seem dead set on being electorally irrelevant. I keep waiting for something to change..but maybe that's the way they like it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Choosing from republicans and democrats is like choosing to be kicked in the right testicle or the left one.

    Both choices are awful and have the same end result. However, there is a third option that people are waking up to.

    Libertarians are the smart choice, because they don't want to kick you at all, left or right nut.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, it does seem to be the fashionable label lately. It has elements of conservative and liberal positions, yet adherents think they have found something new and different. I don't really see how libertarianism falls under the umbrella of the GOP, other than the fact that their heroes, the Pauls, call themselves Republicans.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Actually I used to be liberal until I realized the liberals in power really were Marxists. The libertarians push what I really want because the progressives are no different then the neo cons.

  • Di
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    8 years ago

    Disaffection with ones preferred political party is not uncommon especially when Republicans appear to be morphing into the Democratic party and agreeing on the limitations for our personal freedom.

    It is time for a viable Third Party in the US and now may just be the time.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    more people are becoming Libertarian because more people are realizing that the Republican/Demmocrat parties are corrupt and are actively working against the people. If you actually bothered to study the views of the Libertarian party, you'd realize that your question is severely flawed.

  • 8 years ago

    I think people are just fed up with both parties. Too many career politicians on both sides which leads to corruption within the system.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    They will do anything to get votes. They've been tricking the people all along anyway. But no one will be fooled by this lame attempt.

  • You are 100% certain you cannot cite a significant difference separating libertarian and conservative. (An ACTUAL difference, not a Democrat lie about a difference.)

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