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How do you clean your bolt action rifles?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to clean mine so I need some advice. Could you please list the procedure that you use regularly? Thanks

Also, I have a bore snake, so can I use just that? Or should I use a rod or patches too?

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    A, throw away the bore snake.

    #1 make sure weapon is safe and unloaded and remove the bolt.

    #2 insert your rod guide and secure it in place. If you dont have one get one, Stoney Point makes a good one for reasonable price.

    #3 run a solvent soaked patch through the bore and let it sit for a while.

    #4 run the proper size bronze brush through the bore several times

    #5 run dry patches through the bore until they come out clean

    #6 repeat steps 3-5 until you are satisfied bore is clean

    #7 use a large patch like a shotgun patch, and swab out the chamber.

    #8 using a plastic bristle toothbrush clean the exterior surfaces

    #9 lightly oil all metal surfaces (for storage), lube the bolt and push a lightly oiled patch through bore

    This should suffice for a general cleaning. If you have copper or powder residue you will need to get a serious solvent such as Sweet's 7.62 and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS or you can etch the bore.

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    I get an oily rag and some oil. I pull the bolt out and wipe it down with the oily rag or add a little oil if the rag is not oily enough to leave a thin film. Then I wipe down any of the visible metal. Once a year or so, or if it gets rained on, I remove it from the stock and wipe the whole thing down. If the groups start opening up, I will us a solvent to clean the bore, and then run a slightly oily patch down the barrel.

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    I am ambivalent about bore snakes. It is nice that you can dump solvent on it and clean the barrel, but once all that "gack" is on it, how does one apply a fine coat of oil to prevent rust and corrosion?

    I remove the bolt and clean it from the chamber to the muzzle, that way all the *gack* doesn't end up in the action or the trigger mechanism. Then I use a hard bristle tooth brush to clean the slide and the chamber, then I disassemble the bolt and gently clean around the spring and firing pin.

    (GACK- that mixture of solvent oil, wax and metal particles that turns a patch or tour snake black and feels oily/gritty)

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    That'll give you all sorts of answers, from videos to websites.

    But your rifle, if you purchased it new, should already have instructions in the manual. If those aren't clear enough, just find one of the various links that should be available on Google.

    And yes, the bore snake should be fine for general cleaning. It won't be as effective, though, when you're working on a deep cleaning. Run the bore snake through your barrel after every shooting trip, and give the rifle a good cleaning maybe every three or four shooting trips.

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    Quick and easy way to clean your firearm.

    1. Remove the bolt and using a toothbrush, dip the brush in solvent and scrub the bolt. Repeat until no powder or copper/lead residue comes off. Set the bolt aside to air dry.

    2. Using a copper bore brush, dip the brush in solvent and run it through the barrel 3 times.

    3. Using cleaning patches, run a new (clean and dry) patch through the barrel. Repeat using new patches until patches go in clean and come out clean.

    4. Repeat steps #2 and #3

    5. Using a dry lubricant, I use Rem-oil, lubricate all moving parts (the bolt) and allow to dry. DO NOT lubricate the inside of the barrel.

    6. Put the bolt back in and wipe down the outside by apply some dry lubricant to a rag and wiping. DO NOT apply lubricant directly, especially to wood stocks, as it may dull/damage the stock's finish. you're done.

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    I remove the bolt and clean the bore. Then I wipe out the inside of the chamber with my finger and wipe down the bolt. I don't take the bolt apart unless I'm shooting milsurp and even then all I take off is the bolt face.

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    Do a search on for your particular gun............>

    You can almost always find a video showing you step by step on what you need.........>

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