Can I get into a Ivy League school with a 3.5 GPA (all pre-AP and AP classes) plus women's rowing?

My erg is a 7:29.9 for 2k and I'm going into my junior year, right now I'm at a USWJNT high performance camp and I want to try to pull 7:15 next year to make selection and a selection team... Also I am Native American so I was wondering what my chances would be?


Yes I am part of a official tribe with a tribe card also. I'm in NHS and Spanish NHS for my school, also I was wondering if volunteer hours would help me? If I brought my GPA up to a 3.7 unweighted and 7:15 on the erg how likely would my chances be?

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  • FIFA
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    8 years ago
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    Your GPA is low, even for a "disadvantaged minority," so academically you probably wont get in.

    Your best bet is to get recruited for rowing... 7:15 should be good enough for an offer, maybe not any scholarship $ but an offer. 7:30 should get you into a lesser rowing program minimum..


    I would look into going to a few college's recruiting camps, and sending letters to colleges or having coaches either at your high school or USWJNT to send letters on your behalf. Talking to college coaches at Regattas (if they come) should help as well. The fall of your junior year is pivotal to be recruited. Getting down to a 715 or lower is very important seeing as the IVY league has some of the top teams. As is you should be fine or close at an equally academically respected school but with a weaker program like northwestern

  • eri
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    8 years ago

    Everyone applying to the ivies has the highest grades in the hardest classes and very high test scores. You need all that just to apply, and then you need a lot more to get in. They turned down 92% of applicants this year, including thousands of 4.0 students (unweighted) and valedictorians. Nothing you do before high school matters and they do not give academic or sports scholarships (need-based aid only). You need to find a way to stand out in the field you plan to major in, and you need to have a very good reason to attend the ivies, which you don't appear to have. Bad reasons are things like 'It's a great school', 'it sounds really impressive', and 'it's the only good school I've heard of', and those are the reasons most people apply. Good reasons are things like specific resources or professors only they offer that you plan to work with during your time at those schools, and you need to show your potential to make the most of these resources clear when applying.

    Your GPA is very low for a top school, and they're not going to care about rowing. That doesn't make them any money. The only thing you have going for you is the Native American thing, but it's not going to save your low GPA. You almost certainly can't raise your GPA that much at this point, nor would it really matter, since a 3.7 is still low for a top school. Find a more reasonable goal.

  • drip
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    8 years ago

    chances, probably nil.

    a 3.5 is extremely low GPA for any Ivy League school.

    Harvard gets about 30,000 applications and accepts less than 2100 students. Student applying have unweighted cumulative GPA's of 3.7+. All have taken honor and AP classes.

    Native American- are you a member of a tribe? usually without that is it not going to help you.

    Being a top athlete is a plus but without having top grades and SAT/ACT score you have a very poor chance of getting in.

    ACT score needs to be over 30. SAT score needs to be over 2100 -

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    If the school wants you for crew, you may get in, even though your GPA is low for them.

    You cannot say you are Native American for the purposes of college admission unless you are an enrolled member of a Tribe. Are you? If so, then that may help you in admissions, because rather than your GPA and SAT scores being solely compared to those of all applicants, they will also be compared to those of Native American applicants. And if they are quite high compared to the averages for Native American applicants, that can help you.

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    there is not any magic blend of grades, training, and attempt scores that gets you right into a remarkable college. everybody making use of has the optimum grades interior the toughest training. you decide on that only to compete, yet that still in basic terms promises a pair of 5% hazard of admission. you decide on an extremely stable reason to word to a particular college, and you ought to discover a trend to stand out above the different applicants. Neither of which you have.

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    Maybe it is Okay

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    No way.

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