What injury (broken bone) could a runner sustain that could put him out of commission for a long time?

I'm writing a story, and i need my high school cross country character to have an injury (like a broken bone) that would require surgery and a LOT of time off, and the potential consequence of not being able to run again. I would also need something that would not be "permanent" but that would require a lot of "fixing" in order to heal. I hope someone knows of an injury like this. I hate biology, so i never really payed attention when they talked about bones and stuff... thanks in advance!

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  • Paul
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    8 years ago
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    Spinal column injury would be very dramatic. If you want him to get around normally (albeit on cruches) so it might prevent him from competing in the next race or two effectively ending his running career for the rest of the year, and missing that race means not getting sponsorship which means not getting his career off the ground you could have something painful but relatively minor like a torn tendon or ligament. The coach says if he doesn't run his career is over but the doctor says if he does run he might never walk again... something like that?

  • 8 years ago

    His legs.

    Or lower spinal cord.

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