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EMERGENCY QUESTION: I couldn't fast today or go Friday prayers and I feel really bad about it?

Popo = defecation/excretion/human waste/feaces/p00p

Basically when it was around 45 mins left till sehri, I had to use the toilet as I had to do a popo...and I spend too much time in the toilet because of my OCD and I missed sehri...

And I was really hungry as I didn't eat for 6 hours and there was no way I could fast without sehri....

Also today when I woke up, I had around 40 mins till juma starts....but then I had to go to the toilet and do a popo...and then I spent too much time again because of my OCD and missed juma....

It's ramadan, its Friday and I didnt fast or go juma...I haven't kept any fasts since Ramadan started or prayed anything at all.

I think I am gonna get punished or killed somehow soon, I am really scared I am crying, plz help me...I have OCD its not my fault

18 year old Muslim male.

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    8 years ago
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    You should pray to allah and sorry to him he will forgive you because he is the most mercy ful than your sins he will forgive you in magrib namaz sorry him and never lose hope you know that in islam lose hope is sin i am not writing this to you to get best answer i am writing to you because i am muslim too and 18 years old so plz dont lose hope..........

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    8 years ago

    That nowhere near qualifies as an emergency.

    OCD is not your only issue.

    Seek help from a mental health professional and learn critical thinking.

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    No virgins waiting for you when you die unless you talk to the ayatolla.

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