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i have a question about my thyrorid?

my dr is sending me to a thyroid dr cause she not sure what is wrong with me. I am on a lot of medication for my thyroid and nothing is working I have gained 40 pounds she said due to my thyroid. and my whole body aches and she has me on pain med for that she said that's due to my thyroid what will the other dr due I see them next month if I can make it.

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    Go to "Stop The Thyroid Madness" online and read all about the thyroid. Get yourself educated about the thyroid and what it can do and get some tips about what you can do for yourself. There are very good people with a lot of knowledge on that group. There are natural ways to get rid of the pain from thyroid related will surprise you to find out just how many symptoms thyroid causes when it's not working right. You might have many other symptoms you didn't realize were caused by the thyroid.

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