Is it unusual to wish harm on someone that annoys you?

I had a disagreement with my ex. It ended with him saying that he wished I would stop taking my blood pressure medication. If you aren't familiar with that health issue, if I did as he suggested - the results could be life threatening. I told him that was very upsetting and a mean thing to say, he said that he didn't care because I annoyed him to no end.

I asked him what did I do that was so bad. He said that I annoy him, that I harass his female friends and that I am very frustrating. I told him that he also hurt me when we dated. He kept saying that he didn't care. One of his female friends said that she feels the same way. She said that it is like I am a fly that they want to swat

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Violence never solves anything.

    Remember that.

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