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So, today...

i was walking with a friend, and they went into the school library and then slammed the dorr on me. (as a joke) but it bashed into me knee, which really hurt...

i was a little over the top but i said, 'I HATE YOU! You C**t'

But he went and told a teacher, and the teacher said for him not to be friends with me anymore, and she gives me dirty looks...

I am really frustrated, because she dosn't know the full story, what should i do?


*She just thinks i am being a bully for no reason, and dosn't know what he done to me.

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    Slamming the door intentionally on someone is not a joke. A joke is something you can both laugh at. What he did was mean. Then he went and acted like a wuss by telling the teacher you cussed at him. That is what a friend does. If you are lucky he will follow the teachers advice. You don't need a "friend" like him.

    However, if you decide to keep him as a friend you need to get him to fix his behavior.

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    Well first watch your mouth at school. If you lived here it you'd be sent to the police department for bullying. Yeh sux here. But you got away fairly easy. I would just do nothing. Your friend if its your friend should apologize. Your teacher should mind her own business and not tell you who to befriends with her job is to teach.your job is to learn . There is nothing fir you to do. Stop the drama and just go and do what you have to do in school. Your friends if they want to b your friends will come around if not u should get new ones. Don't wort about what other people think. If u get good grades it all doesn't matter.

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    Don't let it bother you. The teacher is obviously very immature which results in giving you dirty looks. And if they were really your friend they would've let it go bc they smashed your knee. Friends forgive. And she should've realized u just called her that bc u were mad and ur knee hurt. I think she should've talked to u about it instead of telling the teacher right away and not asking you if u were ok or anything. That's just my opinion.

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    8 years ago

    Go to the teacher.

    Apologize for the rude word.

    Tell her the full story.

    Show her the bruise, if there is one.

    If your friend stops being friends with you on the word of a teacher and one angry outburst from you, he/she wasn't much of a friend to start with.

    Learn to say "Dang!" instead of the dirtier words, too.

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  • 8 years ago

    Punch her in the neck

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