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GNC fish oils vs. Walmart?

Bought fish oils +krill at GNC for $30 for a 30 day supply; should I just get the cheap stuff at Walmart? They've got like 2 200 count bottles for less than 8 bucks.

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    I use the Walmart brand. There is no definitive recommendation on the amount of omega 3 that needs supplementing.

    Most manufacturers recommend two to three capsules or pills a day. This just sells more product.

    I take one 1000mg daily instead of the manufacturer recommended three. One two pack lasts for six months.

    As for GNC you can put any really useful, proven, and beneficial products from an entire store in one 4' section.

    Last cholesterol check - 149.

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    Walmart is for the poor. I refuse to support the Waltons, look how many are on the top ten richest list. Crooked they are. I choose to pay for better quality goods, better customer service & cleaner stores.

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    I think with GNC you pay for the name. (That's not to say that their products aren't good.)

    It's hard to say whether the Walmart products are as effective or not. I think I'd be willing to chance it,

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