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I might have a UTI? What is it?

I started my period today and had this feeling all day that I need to pee, but can't. It's super uncomfortable and I don't know what to do! I don't want to tell my mum because I'm embarrassed, but is it so bad I should tell her?

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    Don't be embarrassed! It's pretty common. You definitely need to tell her so you can get some antibiotics. Until then you can take cranberry pills and if you are prone to UTIs continue to take cranberry pills to help prevent another infection. If you are sexually active, make sure to pee after intercourse. Sounds funny put any infectious germs that enter your urinary tract during intercourse are flushed out.

    Source(s): have had a UTI and my doctor informed me about them
  • A UTI is a Urinary Tract Infection and you will need prescription antibiotics to fix it. So you will have to tell your mum and go see a doctor for prescription.

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    personally i think its alright because during periods ur uterus is shredding so its okay for that sensation. Drink lots of water keep yourself hydrated. If it lasts after 2-3 days go get it checked by a doc. Dont feel embarassed sweety, its just your mom. Talk to her if anything bothers you :)

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    Yes, you should tell her. My sister had one and my mom was extremely helpful.

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