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I recently had unprotected sex like 3 days ago?

We had sex 3 days ago and for two day I have been feeling nausea and feeling like I have to throw up . . And lower stomach pain . When we were having sex it was very very painful. But I do have acid reflux and my right between my breast it's kind burns and my chest burns to . Could that be a reason like I feel like I'm bout to throw up ? ... I'm on depo shot so ... I hope I'm not pregnant . Some one please help.

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    If you're on the shot then you shouldn't be pregnant. If You can always take a pregnancy test to confirm it if you miss a period.

    Could be food poisoning, the flu, or a stomach bug going around with some acid reflux.

    Stds don't normally show up that fast.So it's probably not an std.

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    You are on the Depo shot - so why would you think you were pregnant ? Depo STOPS pregnancy. If you feel nauseated you probably have a stomach bug.

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