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Should I trade my Xbox 360 for a laptop?

Ok guys , this is going to be pretty long and thank you if you actually read all of it . Ok . I have a Xbox 360 , ps3 , and a PC . I bought a Toshiba Satellite T215 five years ago . I recently found it in my garage lol . I started to play it and got back on minecraft PC . Now I played it for 5 days . In just those 5 days I fell in love with PC . But here's the thing , its one of the slowest laptops you could ever imagine . It has like . . 2 GB ram and I'm over here trying to play Mincraft with that !? And what even makes it slower is that my LED screen broke so I took it off and connected to laptop to the TV . And this is the other catch . I bought all my Xbox stuff from GameStop . And if you've ever sold stuff from GameStop and have a card they give you so much more money from GameStop ! Like in-store credit would be like 45% percent more dollars than in cash . So my Xbox 360 and all the stuff rounds up to about $170 AT MOST . I would get like %250 in in-store credit . You can only use the in-store credit for Gamestop . Bullshit right? I'm trying to buy this laptop if you please click this link really fast . . Now if you know about this laptop or used it please tell me anything you know about it . Okay back to the point . I'm going to ask the question straight up . Do you think . . . That I should sell my Xbox 360 and then save up a little bit to buy that laptop . I also only use laptops for gaming and Internet . Is this laptop fast ? I mean , who cares about school ? Haha jk . Okay if you answer back then thank for taking the time to read this .

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    Hi Chris,

    Wow long story! i would recommend pc gaming for the type of games it sounds like your into, pc gaming gives you the power to game to what ever level or extreme you may wish.

    However buying the laptop you linked is for sure not suitable for gaming, solitair at the greatest lol intel shared graphics is the lowest you need a dedicated graphics chip like nvidea or ati with its own memory. the intel celeron cpu is a shocker too. i know its cheap and nice but not for your intention.

    Quick search on pc world gave me this but windows 8 arrr dont like it unfortunatly its whats on the shelf atm.

    More indepth look at laptops from novatech they know of some about gaming this spec is awesome for the price ssd hard drive, i5 good graphics

    i understand minecraft isnt the most resource hungry game ever lol but check the recommended spec for playing the game.

    Recommended Requirements:

    CPU : Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz

    RAM : 4GB

    GPU : GeForce 6xxx or ATI Radeon 9xxx and up with OpenGL 2 Support (Excluding Integrated Chipsets)

    HDD : 150MB


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    Didnt provide a lot element about computer, notwithstanding it sound like lots in case you dont opt for to modify your computer. If its an xbox arcade, you mght opt for to purchase a not uncomplicated force for it. Which flow for 100 and fifty. in short, convinced in case you dont opt for to modify your computer, no, in case you do.

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