Could I be having a boy or girl ?

I have a doctors appt Monday to check how far along I am I believe I'm a month and a half or so and I can't wait to know what I'm having allready ! I want to know from your experience I have a 11 month old daughter and she's very close to me now for some reason and she's always been daddy's girl and now it's like she's stuck to me and won't sleep without me if I'm not there! They say babies can sense your pregnancy and I don't like sweets I love meat that my fabricate burgers and big things like rice beans and chicken or steak and anything that has meat! I love pouring viniger on my rice for some reason it's so good and I have so much energy and I'm so excited for my second one :) she's finally Guna have someone to play with and will be a big sister ! I don't have morning sickness I believe my hubby feels all my pains lol poor him ! He has stomach pains and can't sleep at night and I can't sleep at night either I'm tossing and turning but he's the one complaining about feeling "sick" my daughter loves to lay on my tummy and smile and she did it before I found out so I found it weird and felt I was pregnant by the way she acted so I tested and I was right ! Also idk if this has anything to do but I couldn't stand my child's father when I was pregnant by her I always got sick and puke and loved sweets and pasta and fruits now Im so close to my child's father Im so nice to him for some reason lol and it's weird I sleep and always want him close to me ! What do you think? And people from experience too help! Please

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  • allwin
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    You might possibly have a boy this time. Dont be disapointed if its a girl again. Girls population is very less at the moment compared to boys.

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