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I feel like crying everytime I see them?

At a skl trip My best (girl) friend took a huff on me when I said I wanted to stay and sit with my best guy friends cause she was getting into one but he started annoying her. and after it I expected her to apologise after she acted but she never. Then in school I had made up with these other girl because there was a big misunderstanding between us so we made up and became really good friends. But my best friend who took her huff out on me and my other two best friends started doing all these things without me and every time I tried talking to them they seemed like they couldn't give a ****. Then all of a sudden they had an additional two best friends. There two new best friends talked to me but the other three wouldn't . But looking back I do favour my guy best friends over the girls because girls are bitchy and what you tell them gets spread like wildfire. I have brought this on my self and I don't know what to do. I told them I fell left out and they're not doing anything at all. Please gimme advice

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    stay away from your girlfriends.period! You said it girls are bitchy and they are all dramatic so let them beat the dust and don't look back. Find your real friends and hang out with THEM instead.

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