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the passing of my little brother?

My 20 year old brother died 17 days ago. A few days ago the lights in my entire out flickered for a Second. Then another day the light bulb in my living room burnt out so i replaced it. Now last night the light bulb in my hallway (which i haven't replaced in 4 years) burnt out also. I am COMPLETELY freaking out. I am tired and i have no slept in days. I am so scared its him. we were very, very close but i cant take being scared of it anymore. Everyone in my family knows how scared of stuff like this i am. Could it be him or just a coincidence?.

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    You need an electrician.

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    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your younger brother. I must say though, it is such a coincidence... we have the same name, and I am also petrified of things such as what you are experiencing! I do not mean to frighten you. I'm not sure if ghosts actually exist, but I have heard that the flickering of lights is the ghosts way of communicating. I also heard that they cannot physically touch, so he cannot harm you in any way. Also, I don't believe that, when you pass away you suddenly turn against your families and friends so if he has returned to you, and you were both close he will not harm you :) He may even protect you so I don't think there is any reason you should be afraid :)

    BUT, then again, it could just be a coincidence. Try changing all of the light bulbs in your household and see if that was your problem.

    I hope I was able to help :)

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    It is just a coincidence, there is no thing as seeing dead loved ones because Eccl 9:5 says the dead are conscience of nothing at all, therefore they can not contact us in any form or fashion. There is the demons that portray to be humans. Your brother is in a deep sleep waiting for the day when John 5:28 will be fulfilled when all will hear Jesus voice and come out of the memorial tombs to a resurrection. This is God given promise and God does not lie. That resurrection will be here on earth. The question is how can you be there to greet him when he is resurrected and along with many other loved ones. You can go to for the answer or you can email me.

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    "... the light bulb in my hallway (which i haven't replaced in 4 years) burnt out also."

    There's nothing strange about having to replace a light bulb that's been in use for 4 years.

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    Sorry about your brother.

    Here is the thing, coincidence is totally an option.

    The question is whether your brother, if he had an option to contact you, would chose to burn out light bulbs as a means of communication?

    To be frank, no meaningful message has come across. What would your brother have accomplished?

  • Mike
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    I'm a serious and devout Christian who does believe in the after life, but I'm convinced this is just a coincidence mixed with your longing for your brother.

    I lost two close family members two days apart a couple years ago. I know how hard it can be.

    Very sorry for your lost.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Investigating & changing the light bulb was the right thing to do. It must be exhausting for you. Just being near someone may help you as you mourn. May your brother rest in peace. My deepest sympathy.

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    When things like this happen at a time of great stress, it might be wise to suspend logic and look at them in terms of meaning.The meaning that they have to you has become more important than their actual cause. While there is no cause and effect relationship between the electrical activity in your house and your brother's death, these occurrences now have a connection with your brother. Don't worry or be afraid of them; they are not dangerous to you. Your brother loved you and would not hurt you.

    No matter what the logical cause of these electrical occurrences is, they have taken on meaning for you. I would stop questioning them, and take solace. Because of their timing, when you look back on them, you should remember them as representing your brother's love for you, and yours for him.

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    I am sorry for your loss. The bible tells us that the dead are dead and cannot communicate with the living. It also assures us that they will be resurrected and be given a chance at everlasting life. The only thing you need to think about now is - will you be there to greet him when he returns?

    The bible also tells us how that is possible. If you have trouble finding this information in the bible, Jehovah's witnesses will be glad to help you. Their help is free for the asking. Best wishes.

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    I think it's just a coincidence, it would be nice to think once people we love die there is a way for them to communicate with us but unfortunately they don't.

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    If your brother is in the afterlife, the last thing he would be doing is messing around with lightbulbs.

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