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Flashes and Floaters in vision, retina "healthy" after 3 optometrist and ophthalmologist checks.?

What could be the reason? I have 3 appointments with a optometrist and 2 ophthalmologist so far and they said they see no damage to the retina. Including one today. They used a instrument that shines a bright light into each eye and asked me to looked at corners of different directions. If I am not wrong, it is a "Ophthalmoscope".

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    floaters and flashers are just dead cells in the eye, they come and go, we all get them. Theres nothing wrong with them as they will shed and new cells will grow so do not worry

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    Visit this site for more info and good remedies about eye floaters:

    Eye floaters are described as dots or squiggly lines that are seen in the field of vision, especially when looking at a bright background such as the sky or the sea. What is actually seen is not the particle (i.e. the floaters) but the shadow that this particle casts. The particle can be an aggregation of proteins that have precipitated out of solution (within the vitreous humour), debris that gets stuck in the eye or even tiny specks of blood. These particles are usually positioned towards the middle of the eye, between the lens and the retina. Eye floaters are more common in older adults, although they may occur in anyone.

    Flashes may be seen in combination with eye floaters or on their own. What is seen is literally flashes of light that occur spontaneously and in a random fashion. The cause of flashes is usually the rubbing action of the vitreous humor (the gel-like solution in the eye) against the retina, or the pulling action of this solution on the retina. Flashes may manifest themselves for weeks or months, and the interval between flashes is usually haphazard.

    You should see a doctor or ophthalmologist as soon as you develop eye floaters and/or flashes.

    Check this site for more info:

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