People think I'm smart yet I don't have the confidence?

Okay here's the story, when I was in elementary, I'm always one of the top students, yet it changed when I became a freshmen in high school then it changed again after a year.. after a year again, I transferred into a different school consisting of only 18 students, I graduated there as a valedictorian but it doesn't seem that I'm proud of myself. Then now, I got a scholarship in a good University consisting of 45 students with a course of BS Psychology. Sometimes I got a perfect score on a quiz yet sometimes I only got an average score.. I'm weak when it comes to reciting nor cooperating in the class yet I'm good in understanding and memorizing, in other words, I'm only good on written tests. Can I consider myself as a smart person? some people rely on me and I'm afraid to disappoint them. I don't have the confidence at all.

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  • Robin
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    8 years ago
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    OK clearly you are smart enough to have a more complex understanding and definition of 'smartness'.

    Just because you are better in some ways than others doesn't make you a better or worse person and certainly doesn't make you a good or bad person to ask or rely on. Your character determines how loyal or considerate you are not how many sums you can do in an hour.

    Those of us with extra capacity can enjoy our gifts at times but be devastated when we are not able to do something simple other people seem to manage easily. My Mother can proof read and detect and identify smells almost instinctively at an impressive level but her cooking and computer skills leave a lot to be desired. So I ask her to look at my assignments but I prefer to invite them to dinner here at our house.

    Understanding yourself is a good start and maybe when you have more of a handle on it you can direct your friends to the best source.

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