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We are currently in riveria maya, Mexico and there are a lot if coatimundi, within hotel grounds?

And they practically live here, they don't have contact with outside of the hotel (as far as we know) but are still classed as wild animals... My partner was walking to the pool with toast in his hand and one climbed up his leg leaving about a 4cm scratch on his leg, we where very worried about rabies as we are from the Uk and its rabies free, the doctor said its fine because it isn't a raccoon (it is part of the raccoon family) and gave us antibiotic cream (we cleaned the wound straight away also) I am still worried there may be a risk, some people say a scratch isn't a risk however some do, it's ruining our holiday worrying about it! So 2 questions, 1-how rare is rabies in Rivera maya Mexico 2-are we safe not having a shot?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the answers, it's a difficult one as the doctor was private we paid $179 dollars to see him and get the antibiotic cream, he was adamant we didn't need the shot, he surely would have took us to the clinic to pay more if he thought necessary? We really don't have the money to pay upfront our insurance won't pay it till we get home. I forgot o mention it was the coatis back foot that scratched him I don't know if this makes it less chance? I'm worried leaving on Friday and possible doc appointment Monday is leaving it too long. But apparently this happens at least once a month in this hotel.

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    We call them Mapaches but they are not that bold. There are squirrels that my vecino says one flew at him. I live in Canada and have never heard of such bravery from a squirrels

    BTW wtf is a coatimudi? exactly??

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    The coatimundi is related to the raccoon family.

    Even though rabies is unlikely, the coatimundi has been known to carry it. Any scratch, bite, or contact with saliva from an animal that you don't know if it is infected or not, should be treated as if it was. I would demand proper treatment even if it means going to a private clinic. Also, if your tetanus shots aren't up to date, get that too. Don't take any chances.

    Edit: See your doctor when you get home, just to be on the safe side. Here is a web site with questions and answers that will ease your mind somewhat.

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    Rabies is very rare in the pet population in the Yucatan. I have no idea about the coatimundi population but I would suspect that it is also rare there too. A mapache is not the same as a moncún btw. (or in other words a raccoon and a coatimundi are different animals as you are clearly aware.)

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    Hello, I am curious to know the outcome of your partner from the coati scratch. I was just recently in the Riviera Maye with my husband on our honeymoon and he was bitten/scratched by what we think was a coati. The local doctor came to us clean it up and tried to charge us but we insisted that the hotel pay for it being that it was on the hotel grounds. They ultimately paid the doctor, paid for taxis to send us to a private hospital in Cancun and there they treated my husband with a rabies vaccination. Then he had to go back three days later for another one and since we've been in the states he has to go to three more. Even though the coati did not show signs of rabies, they are related to the raccoon who are a vector species to carry rabies. So it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in a foreign country. Especially being that with rabies, if you are wrong and the animal does carry rabies, it means eminent death. Thanks and let us know.


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    i wouldnt worry about couldve saved yourself $179. if the coatis are kept on the resort grounds its well cared for and rabies isnt a factor, esp in a captive population in q.roo. rabies is usually spread thru a bite... its transmitted thru the saliva of an infected animal.

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    Mexican Coati

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