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Problems with Google Chrome?

Every time when i use google chrome and i want to refresh a page or go to another page the window flashes and i can se my desktop for a half second before it loads the page.

I wonder what the problem is since chrome is my main browser and it's annoying when it doesn't work

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    Cause for this flickering may be :

    # This tends to happen when there is a graphic intensive 3rd party program running or a graphic intensive web page loaded in chrome.

    # Chrome does not play well with some Window themes like Alienware and Cursor FX

    Solution :

    # The solution is to install a Chrome extension to block certain JavaScript.

    # When manually disabling JavaScript in Chrome (Option --> Under the Hood --> Content settings), the problem disappeared.

    # But an easier way is to install an extension such as ScriptNo from the Chrome store (enable it only when certain pages start flickering).

    Hope this helps !

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    8 years ago

    i have this site.and also to re-install Google chrome and then start your chrome.

  • 8 years ago

    uninstall it and reinstall new chrome

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